The Lord is good as a couple of weeks ago I had severe pain in my right side. As I entered in the door of FOHM to serve the Lord; One of the team members prayed quietly as I walked in. The pain left in a matter of a few minutes, and has not returned. JESUS MY SAVIOUR HEALED ME!!!
Thurs. Sept. 29, 2022
Earlier I let the FOHM Team members know that I had a lump on my eye and to pray. They had prayed earlier for me. As I went to the Eye Doctor Specialist appt I was told there is no lump on my eye; and I did not need surgery as was earlier spoken. I was told by Eye Doctor I need not return and no more medication is needed. JESUS came through and HEALED MY RIGHT EYE. A.L I AM NOT FEARFUL. I FEEL BETTER!
Thurs. Sept 29, 2022
I noticed a growth behind my right ear, It was continuing to grow larger, I was very concerned about it. At that time Pastor Helen was teaching on healing and encouraged us to apply the Blood of Jesus, laying hands on the sore, sickness, pain, wherever there was a need; anointing ourselves with oil and declare healing to our bodies as in Isaiah 53:5 As I continued to apply this over this growth on my right ear; after a few days it completely disappeared. I Praise God!! for this healing miracle
Aug 2022
The Lord Jesus Christ delivered me from the sorrow and pain Satan was constructing in my life. Praise Jesus Christ my Father and Saviour.
Nov. 8/22
There was a young man walking in the mall hallway. As he walked past our door, a Team member went out in the mall felt led to invite him in. As he came in We welcomed him gave him some food items as we talked with him. He shared that he had gone to Church as a child and has gone through many trials and troubles, being homeless at times. He shared that he would often help those in need with handy work and snow shoveling. As we talked with him and prayed for him. He accepted Jesus Christ into his heart, he received Salvation and went out with the Joy of the Lord Praising God for what He had done for him! Thank You Jesus FOHM
February 2023
I went to FOHM a few weeks ago for a deliverance service. I went in feeling down and defeated, but came out very blessed. The oppression, generational & past sin was lifted off of me, God released me & broke off the chains. He blessed me greatly. I left with so much Joy & felt God’s love.
March 2023
I went to FOHM about a month earlier for a deliverance prayer. I was amazed how they knew my struggles & what deliverance I needed. I felt released & the prayers were so powerful; the word of knowledge was so beautiful & amazing. I am so thankful for FOHM & the beautiful people they are & their God given gifts & talents.
As I was participating with other team members in a deliverance prayer meeting for a client. I was set free from events happened to me as a child. The Lord was revealing to me as this client was being prayed for some of these issues I has struggled with also. I went out of that room with greater wisdom and knowledge set free as did the client. Praise God
I had a deep deliverance. I was set free from myself. Jesus delivered me from the spirit of lust, anger, suicide, self-hatred, and rejection. He set me free from unforgiveness and the spirit of fear.
March 30 2023

The Foundation of this ministry is Christ, who is the Hope of this world. The Hope that comes from Christ runs like a fountain of water, reaching far and wide.