I almost did not come tonight as I was feeling so badly (physically). The prayer I received was WONDERFUL! So much love poured out of the prayer team! They each gave me a Holy Spirit “Rhema” WORD that deeply ministered to me and I feel very encouraged, edified and loved. I have a new hope in my life and received instruction from the LORD through the team on how to grow closer to Him and trust Him more.

What an amazing ministry the Healing Rooms is! I thank God for it!

Bless you all!


I feel lighter and released from my problems. I have hope in the future my issues being resolved by the Lord. I have faith in a brighter future.

I thank you.


Praise the Lord for prayer team and Holy Spirit confirming God’s promises and His faithfulness.

Love You King Jesus!


The ministry of the Lord breaks every yoke. My foot feels better and had healing from unforgiveness – of parent and self – received a truth for a lie. That I have the Father’s love beyond measure and He is leading me into a different way. This testimony will not end as Jesus always has more – Amen.

Thank you all who prayed for me.